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-- Co is a library of utilites for running ECMAScript-6 generators (which are native to Node .011 harmony), with the goal to allieve some/much(?) of the need to write boilerplate code for running and managing generators.

-- Co is intrinsically part of Koa(?).

Specific questions:

-- If and how does one use Co differently in Koa than in a non-Koa context. In other words, does Koa wholly facade Co?

-- Could Co be replaced in Koa with some other like generator library if there is/was a better one? Are there any?

* Promise Libraries such as "Q" and Bluebird *

My understanding:

-- They are in a sense "polyfills" for implmententing the Promises/A+ spec, if and until Node natively runs that spec.
-- They have some further non-spec convenience utilities for facilitating the use promises, such as Bluebird's promisfyAll utility.

Specific questions:

-- My understanding is the ECMAScript-6 spec does/will largely reflect the Promises/A+ spec, but even so, Node 0.11v harmony does not natively implement Promises. (Is this correct?) However when it does, will technologies such as Q and Bluebird be on their way out?

-- I've read something to the effect that "Q" and Bluebird support generators. What does this mean? Does it mean in part that, for example, they to some degree provided the same utility as Co, and if so to what degree?

* Thunks and Promises *

I think I have an fair handle on what they are, but hoping someone can provide a succinct and clear "elevator pitch" definition on what each is, and of course, as asked above, to explain when to use one versus the other -- in a Koa context and not in it.

Specific questions:

-- Pro and cons to using something like Bluebird's promisfy, versus say using Thunkify (github com/visionmedia/node-thunkify)?


To give some further context to this post and its questions, it might be interesting if Koa techniques presented in the following webpages could be discussed and contrasted (especiallly on a pros vs cons basis):

-- a) www.marcusoft . net/2014/03/koaintro.html (Where's the thunks or promises, or am I not seeing something?)

-- b) strongloop . com/strongblog/node-js-express-introduction-koa-js-zone (Again, where's the thunks or promises?)

-- c) github . com/koajs/koa/blob/master/docs/guide.md (What does the "next" argument equate to, and what set it and where?)

-- d) blog.peterdecroos . com/blog/2014/01/22/javascript-generators-first-impressions (Not in a Koa context, but presents the use of Co with a promise library (Bluebird), so I'm assuming the technique/pattern presented here lends itself to usage in Koa(?). If so, then how well?

Thanks all!

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